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Terms of condition


Corozal Kft. Was solely responsible for the prompt, accurate and correct service of the consumers in order to achieve the highest level of satisfaction of the consumers committed to the products.

These Terms and Conditions apply to the sale of products sold in Streetway's stores through a webshop.

The present Terms of Business are listed in Corozal Kft. and the main rules of the consumer-to-consumer contract are summarized in Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26) on distance contracts.


Our company attaches great importance to the safe and discreet handling of its customer data. It pays special attention to the use and storage of the personal data of the customers, therefore the data of the customers are always handled in accordance with the legal provisions in force (CVIII of 2001, Privacy Policy and Amendments)
We do not disclose data to third parties except our subcontractors, such as the MPL courier service, do not in any case have the subcontractors retained or retained.



Documents of the agreement agreement:
The "present" contract terms, invoice, package receipt receipt. Acceptance of the invoice is also a receipt of the written contract.



You can choose from the following payment modules:

  • Pay via Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Cash on delivery
  • Pay at shop

The price of the items ordered, including VAT, other mandatory charges, freight, shipping or postage; other terms of payment, delivery or performance may be waived on the webshop's website.



The purchase process is clear based on the page's navigation

  • Surfing
  • Put into cart 
  • Privacy Policy
  • Choose delivery
  • Payment

Navigating the page also allows you to swap some steps.



The warranty claim can be enforced within 2 years after the purchase if the defect was caused by a factory defect at the time of purchase. The complaint is handled by the webshop customer service throughout the warranty period. In the first 6 months, the webshop customer service will obtain the necessary external advice. After 6 months of purchase, but within 2 years, you may contact the Consumer Protection Inspectorate if you want an external expert opinion about the product you are complaining about.

In the event of acceptance of the warranty claim, we will provide repair, replacement, and refund, if possible within 14 days, if the consumer has used the product in accordance with the intended use.

If you experience any quality problem with any of our products, please return the object of objection to our address.

If the product is found to be damaged after opening and the damage was caused before the goods were received, the product will be replaced free of charge and repaired upon request.

If you find any damage on the box upon receipt of the package, please immediately inform the courier at the moment of receipt that you will be required to take out the damage report. In the absence of a record, we cannot accept a complaint regarding the shipment.


If the size of the ordered and delivered product is inadequate or you choose a different color, size or model, it is possible to replace the product.

If you have used the product or are unable to return it to our customer service in full packaging, we will not be able to take it back.

We can reclaim undamaged goods that have not been used yet.



The consumer may withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving any reason.

You may exercise your right of withdrawal as follows:

- In the case of a contract for the sale of a product, the consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal from the date of receipt of the product if he has not received the written confirmation (invoice) by that date, within 14 days of receipt.
- In the event of a written cancellation, it shall be deemed to have been validated by the deadline if the consumer sends his statement before the deadline expires.
- The business must reimburse the amount paid by the consumer immediately, but no later than 14 days after the withdrawal.
- The consumer bears the costs of returning the product due to the exercise of the right of withdrawal. In addition, the consumer is not charged any other costs. However, the company may claim compensation for any damage resulting from the improper use of the product.
- Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal in the case of the sale of a product which has been made to the consumer or has been produced at the consumer's request or at his express request.
- The consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal if the product is put into use after the purchase, washed or subjected to any modification, provided that the product meets the quality requirements indicated on it.



When the package is sent, we will notify the recipient by email that the next business day's package will be shipped. The e-mail includes the package number and the amount of any cash on delivery. You can track the package's journey at By specifying the item identifiers (up to 10 items), their current status is first displayed, with the detail button listing all the status of the items.

Posta delivers delivery of the parcels on the working day following the day of the recording, or attempts to deliver, and attempts to do so twice a day on working days between 8 am and 5 pm, unless otherwise specified by the addressee after the first attempt of delivery.

In case of failure of the first delivery attempt, if the sender specifies the recipient's telephone number besides the delivery address of the parcel on the accompanying document or on the address book, Posta will attempt to reconcile the second delivery date with this contact before leaving the notification.

In the absence of a telephone number or failure of a reconciliation attempt, the Post will leave a notice of the arrival of the parcel and the attempt to deliver, recording the date (month, day, date) of the delivery attempt and the telephone number at which the recipient may agree on the date of the second delivery. . In the absence of a reconciliation initiated by the addressee (based on the notification), a second attempt to deliver the parcel will take place on the next working day.

Packet shipments at the delivery point cannot be transferred between the two delivery attempts.

Posta allows the receipt of postal items by ten working days from the date of the delivery attempt and the date of dispatch of the notice. On the day the notice is placed, it is only possible to receive the postal item if it is expressly included in the notice of arrival.

Mail that has not been received during the retention period shall be returned by the Post to the sender.

The Buyer must ensure that a shipping address is provided where the shipment is received during working hours (8-17 hours on business days). The cost of delivery of the ordered products is approximately gross 1000 HUF, in the European Union (free of charge for orders over 24.990 HUF). Shipping costs are independent of the weight and size of the package. The shipping cost is shown on the invoice as a separate item.

For some promotions, the value may be different!



If the company fails to fulfill its contractual obligation because the product specified in the contract is unavailable, it must immediately inform the consumer and refund the amount paid by the consumer without delay, but no later than within 14 days. The fulfillment of this obligation does not relieve the enterprise of other consequences of breach of contract.

If the business performs a substitute product as defined in the contract, the cost of returning the product as a result of exercising the right of withdrawal is borne by the enterprise. The undertaking must clearly and accurately inform the consumer about the costs and the performance of the replacement product.

The business may not charge the consumer for selling a product or providing a service that was not previously ordered by the consumer.
The company bears the burden of proving that it has complied with its obligation to provide information as specified in the Regulation, and that it has adhered to the requirements for compliance with the deadlines.

Issues not regulated in these Business Regulations shall be governed by the provisions of Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.) On distance contracts.