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The warranty claim can be enforced within 2 years after the purchase if the defect was caused by a factory defect at the time of purchase. The complaint is handled by the webshop customer service throughout the warranty period. In the first 6 months, the webshop customer service will obtain the necessary external advice. After 6 months of purchase, but within 2 years, you may contact the Consumer Protection Inspectorate if you want an external expert opinion about the product you are complaining about.

In the event of acceptance of the warranty claim, we will provide repair, replacement, and refund, if possible within 14 days, if the consumer has used the product in accordance with the intended use.

If you experience any quality problem with any of our products, please return the object of objection to our address.

If the product is found to be damaged after opening and the damage was caused before the goods were received, the product will be replaced free of charge and repaired upon request.

If you find any damage on the box upon receipt of the package, please immediately inform the courier at the moment of receipt that you will be required to take out the damage report. In the absence of a record, we cannot accept a complaint regarding the shipment.